internet-supportGeneral tips for troubleshooting your Internet Connection.

The following guide is here to help you troubleshoot common Internet issues faced in the home.

This guide will help to correct the most common issues our clients face and get you back up and running right away. If you are uncomfortable or have trouble with any of these steps, our Technical Support team is ready to help.

Quick Check

Disconnect & reconnect your device – Unplug your cable or turn off the wireless device, then reconnect the device.

Restart your computer or device – Modern devices often update themselves using the Internet without asking for authorization.  Devices may need to restart to complete an update, or to correct a device only issue.

Recheck all connections – When using a personal router, be sure that the service connection from Mascon is plugged into your router’s WAN or Internet Port and not into a numbered connecion.

Restart your home Router – Unplug your router from the power source for 2 – 10 minutes.

Reseat your cables – Unplug and then reconnect network cables to your router, computer and your modem.

To Solve a Problem, First Find its Source

The following questions should help focus your troubleshooting:

Are all devices having trouble or just one?

If a single device or even a few devices are having an issue with the Internet, this can indicate a local fault unrelated to Mascon’s service.  If ALL devices fail to bring up a web page, or access an Internet connection, Mascon may need to investigate the issue further.

Trouble with websites, email or streaming?

If you are receiving email and can open a web page, yet have issues with streaming – that can indicate either a device or website issue.

When a single website has trouble loading, yet others load fine – that generally indicates a website issue outside of Mascon’s control.

Is your web browser not opening or shutting down on its own?

In this situation using another web browser is a great way to help confirm if the issue is with the website or your software.  This can also be a good time to have an antivirus program scan your system, if possible.

Is the issue happening at the same time each day?

Track what time of day an issue happens.  You might find that a device is uploading or updating at the same time each day, or each week.  The Internet is also used more frequently in the evening, so you might experience some reduced speed from the more popular sites.

Has anything changed recently?

Any change to your network can have unexpected effects.  New equipment incorrectly configured, recently updated devices, even a friend or co-worker over for a visit who may have altered your settings.  We suggest you turn off/unplug as many connected devices as you can, then power up devices one at a time and check your connections.

Still Having Issues? We Are Here to Help!

Copper Valley  250-453-2616

Things to keep in mind when calling for help:

1.  Have your Account Information ready.
2.  Contact our office when you are home as we will then be better able to diagnose and help correct issues.
3.  Call when you see the issue if you can  – we are better able to offer support if we can ‘see’ the problem.
4.  Be prepared to access Mascon equipment to reconnect/replace cables, power supplies or other units to help diagnose the issue.
5.  Troubleshooting can include connecting Mascon services directly to hardwired computer for testing.
6.  Our Support Team is trained in troubleshooting Mascon services.
7.  Issues outside of our services may require the help of a 3rd party technician, at your own expense.

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