New to Mascon? Upgrading services? Adding a new service? We can help!

Service ChargeDetailsPrice
New InstallNew lines to residence + 1 outlet$75
ReconnectMascon services available at residence$50
Additional OutletsBooked at same time as installation$15 each
Additional OutletBooked after installation is complete$35 + $15 each additional
1/2 hour service call$35
1 hour service call$55
HD Set-top Box RentalIncludes HDMI cable + remote$6/month
HD Set-top BoxIncludes HDMI cable + remote$99 each
HD PVR Set-top Box RentalIncludes HDMI cable + remote$10/month
HD PVR Set-top BoxIncludes HDMI cable + remote$249 each
Additional Set-top Box Feeup to 4 additional set-top boxes$5.95/month